February 23, 2024
Secrets of Trading from Founder

The majority of the investing giants of today went to an elite business school. They got their start at a major corporation in a major town. With the help and guidance of their supervisors, they climbed the corporate ladder. They are often employed by large hedge funds or on exchange floors.

Although there is nothing wrong with a success story, Matt Choi’s tale is quite different.

Matt Choi is a trader with over two decades of trading experience. He is also selftaught. He studied books and sought mentors to learn how to trade. He eventually became an experienced trader.

Certus Trading was his idea.

Matt Choi, Chartered Market Techne, is the founder of Certus Trading.

Today, we’ll review Certus Trading and his website. We’ll tell you about how helpful his service was for traders looking to improve their trading skills and whether it’s right for you.

Matt’s background and attitude

Matt Choi is an entrepreneur veteran. He graduated from McMaster University in Canada with an MBA. His first business was to own and operate an automobile dealership.

He started trading while still in school. He made mistakes along his way, as he often admits in interviews or on his website. He claims that this gives him a glimpse into the experience of people without business school, and gives him a beginner’s view of the stock exchange.

After years of experience, Certus Trading was established to share his personal trading method, which he had learned from both mistakes and success.

His site states that his courses were created to help traders maximize their investments and develop their trading skills. He sends out two weekly newsletters to keep his customers informed and on the right track.

Certus Trading reviews show that there is some validity to his ideas.

TrustPilot rates Certus Trading as 4.5 stars (5 out of 5).

One Certus Trading review says that Matt is a great teacher. “He will be very thorough in explaining every step. I consider myself still a beginner in trading, having only been trading for around a year. I can admit that I have had some difficulties with trading but Matt never makes my feel like a rookie. For that reason, I don’t see myself going anywhere.

Matt has several YouTube videos discussing trading. He often uses close-to-universal examples that make trading more fascinating, such as this Money Show video in which he explains how he lost a bet on a NFL game and how it related to options strategies.

Certus Trading Programs

Matt Choi provides a variety of methods to help students improve their trading at all levels. These are some packages available for students who are interested in learning:

Advance Options Strategy Blueprint

This eight-week program targets aggressive swing traders who are looking for high returns and controlled risk. This program is a cornerstone of Certus Trading’s student offerings. According to the website, it is. The best thing about AOSD is the fact that it can be used in all markets and at any time of year. Choi provides advanced options strategies to recommend a steady flow of high-probability traders.

Mastermind for Live, Two-Day Options

This is a great opportunity for students who would like to meet Choi in person, or at least via videoconference. The Options Mastermind, a two-day workshop, is where students can learn trading options from Choi live-in.

Profit Scheduler Club: Options

This program was founded on the belief that Wall Street banks would often make the exact same trades each year on the identical trading day. Through an annual membership to The Profit Scheduler Club, students have access to profit schedules that can help maximize profits. Choi’s weekly best options trades are included in the program.

Options Trading Big Moves

Some traders are more cautious than others. Others look for large, profitable moves in stocks. This strategy is a hedge strategy that plays both the ups and downs of the market. Choi said this is exactly how professionals trade options, regardless the price direction.

These are the courses most commonly used on Certus Trading. However, there are many more.

Day trading has grown exponentially over recent years. More market participants are being added every day. It is a great way to earn wealth. Matt repeatedly reminds students and interviews that it can be a great way to gain wealth.

Matt’s Advice To New Traders

Matt is often interviewed for interviews or asked to present seminars on trading. Matt often returns back to the same idea that successful traders spend time understanding the industry.

He believes that traders must not only be able to learn the markets consistently, but also have a “trading personality”. This term describes the personal approach that traders need to become successful in the long-term.

“I believe that all successful traders standout for their own reasons,” he said. “You need to find mentors with whom you are able to connect. You will need to find someone who trades with you at the same speed and in the same markets as you. If all of these criteria meet, you are likely to find the right match. You will be successful.

His analogies to learning how trade can be used for more than just finance, as we have seen. Watch the video below to see how he uses the success strategies of companies like Uber and Amazon to illustrate the importance to analyze market trends to make better investment portfolio decisions.


Certus Trading may not suit you if Certus Trading Review trading is something you are new to.

Certus Trading’s courses seem to be targeted primarily at those who already have some experience trading and some basic knowledge about financial terminology.

Even those who have some experience in trading will still need to work hard and focus on their business.

Matt Choi is a trader if your personality is calm and adaptable to the swings on the market.

Certus Trading’s approach was honest and we found it to be helpful. Certus Trading may be not for everyone. However, if you really want to understand the markets, Certus Trading could be a good option.