October 4, 2023
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Debris from the tornado was carried appreciable distances, with a photo from a destroyed house in Moss being found 121 miles away in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In comparison, another one was lofted and carried 176 miles south of Collins, Mississippi, to Randolph, Alabama. The twister was also lengthy-tracked, with a path length of sixty-eight miles. The injury was extreme to the purpose the trail of the tornado could be seen from satellite imagery. Harm at the beginning of the path consisted of a few timbers uprooted at EF0 power. The twister continued to the northeast, reaching EF2 intensity as it crossed Given Street, where a large swath of bushes was flattened. The twister was given an excessive-end EF4 ranking with estimated winds of 190 mph 310 km/h.

The twister was estimated by the NWS to have been 2.25 mi 3. Sixty-two km vast, making it the widest twister in Mississippi state history and the third-widest on file in the United States, surpassing the Could 4, 2007, EF3 twister related to the Greensburg tornado household and behind the 2004 Hallam twister and the 2013 El Reno twister. Remains of the James Hill Church, which was leveled at EF3 power to the northeast of Carson, Mississippi. Extra EF2 injury occurred to the west and north of Carson, where a small enterprise housed in a manufactured construction was fully destroyed, much timber had been downed, and two well-built houses had roofs torn off. It first touched down along Price Road in Lawrence County, Mississippi, east-southeast of the small neighborhood of Topeka.

A small space of EF3 harm occurred alongside Kirkley Lane, where some timber has been denuded and partially debarked. EF2 harm continued to the northeast, with much giant timber being snapped and Langley Roof Cleaning uprooted. The injury was blamed on seagulls weakening the construction by pecking on the roof. A bituminous binder may also be used with exfoliated vermiculite to provide a dry, lightweight roof screed that has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, low moisture content material, and ease of placement by pouring from the bag and then tamping. Crossing into Jefferson Davis County, EF2 damage occurred in areas northeast of Oak Vale, where quite a few trees and energy poles have been snapped, outbuildings were destroyed, houses sustained extreme roof injury, and a mobile dwelling was destroyed.